What is Airdrop & Why airdrops are done?

Airdrops are done to increase the exposure of the new Crypto or blockchain project before token sale even begins. Some time before presale.

Usually token sale take place more than 2 months. Sometimes even 3 months including presale period. Airdrop tokens are distributed after all token sale happens.

So it can take a time of 3-4 months from the time you apply for airdrop to the time it reach your wallet.

So it’s like planting a seed. It will germinate and it’s free. We need not dig the soil daily and see. Patience is the key in airdrop. Daily apply for 3-4 airdrops consistently if you want to make 150-200 dollars monthly. Daily 5 dollars add up to 150 dollars monthly.

#Safety measures for airdrops

1.use separate mail address what you use for login exchanges.
2. Create separate myetherwallet , trustwallet , safepalwallet address for airdrops. Avoid your main airdrop address.
3. Use different password what you use for regular mew login in
4. Avoid airdrop which ask too much information. A regular Email, telegram username, Twitter handle, ether wallet address is fine. More than that is not ok.
5.check for avaliability of minimum project details in website. If the website is full of advertisements just avoid it.

Rules :-

  1. Only airdrop links with details will be allowed (you can easily copy paste from other sources)

  2. No chitchats while you can ask necessary questions only (Received , Verification , not coming etc) for that go to @bitcoinguider

  3. Videos , gifs , stickers , commands will be deleted by the bot so no use of spamming

  4. Double Airdrop Message by same Project and same person will be deleted automatically

  5. Newbies to airdrop can come here and post about it.

  6. if you chat then delete those after getting answer

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