UPI Services enabled in Sri Lanka, Mauritius | Check How to Activate it for Foreign Country

Good News ! Folks , Today Gov of India enabled Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to Sri Lanka,Mauritius Countries .

That means Indian’s without carrying any physical rupees or dollar can make online payment in these countries.

Not only Indian’s other countries people also use these services. Let me remind UPI all ready running 8 countries including FRANCE.

This is big win for NPCIL & for India .

Also Rupay cards also introduced in these countries this is going game changer move by GOI.


How to activate UPI Services for making Payment in foreign countries:

  1. Open BHIM UPI App.

  2. Go to Bank account setting page .

  3. Select UPI Global icon and proceed.

  4. Now select Validity from which date to future date you are enable this service by entering UPI Pin.
    5.After successful UPI pin verification you are ready to make payment via UPI App.

  5. Now In foreign country you can scan QR code or send money via bank transfer normally.

Make sure on which bank account you activated this serice only from that account you can make payment .