Seeking Account Software Recommendation for Small Hardware Store

Help Needed: Seeking Account Software Recommendation for Small Hardware Store

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out on behalf of my brother, who’s looking to purchase accounting software for his very small hardware store. He’s seeking recommendations for software that ticks a few crucial boxes:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: It needs to be easy to use, even for someone without a commerce background.

  2. GST Billing: Capability to handle GST billing is essential for compliance.

  3. Report Viewing: Ability to generate and view necessary reports for tracking sales, inventory, and other financial aspects.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: We’re looking for something budget-friendly, ideal for small businesses.

  5. Mobile App and Cloud System: If the software offers a mobile app and operates on a cloud system, it would be a huge plus for flexibility and accessibility.

My brother has minimal knowledge in Tally ERP, so something more intuitive would be preferable.

Your suggestions and experiences would be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help. !

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