Oreo Cricket 2024 Unique Code | Trick to get 30 Rs Cash And Exciting Prizes

Oreo Cricket Unique Code | Get 30 Rs Cash And Exciting Prizes


A brand-new Oreo Cricket 2024 promotion from Oreo is now available to win thrilling prizes and guaranteed cashbacks. For some items, such as Cadbury Oreo vanilla flavor cream sandwich biscuits and Oreo chocolate flavor cream sandwich biscuits, Oreo is offering cashbacks and prizes. If you buy certain items online or at your neighborhood store, the pack will include a special Oreo Cricket code.

Oreo Cricket Loot Offer

To receive Ms. Dhoni’s autographed cricket equipment, tickets to a cricket match, and a guaranteed reward of 5 to 30 rupees, you must visit the Oreo Cricket 2024 offer page and enter the promo code.

We’ll provide several exclusive Oreo Cricket codes in this post, which you can use on the website to win prizes and money.

How To Claim Oreo Cricket Loot Offer

  1. You need to Visit the Oreo Cricket 2024 offer page from the given link - Click Here.

  2. Tap on the provided link, provide your phone number, accept the terms and conditions, and then press the submit button.

  1. Use a One Time Password to verify your number.

  2. Next, choose your state, input your name, email address and tap on the submit button.

  1. Then you need to enter the Oreo unique code.

  1. We will now provide you with a unique code, which you must modify slightly.

  2. The Oreo unique code is: P40104158846A32G / P40104151246A12G

  3. Don’t copy the code exactly as it is. To make it unique, a few numbers must be changed.

  4. Unique code trick: [P4010415XXX6A12G] - Put any random number in place of xxx, like 723, 432, 671, 940, etc.

  5. One unique code may be claimed five times.

  6. After entering the unique code, Enter your UPI ID and tap on the submit button to receive the cashback

  1. Now click on the submit button.

  1. Done. You will get assured cashback within 24 hours.

  2. This Oreo Cricket cashback offer is valid to 30th may, 2024.

Final Words

You can either buy the items to get the promo code or you can get the Oreo Cricket 2024 unique code for free by following the steps provided in this post. You can get cashbacks of Rs 5 to 30 with this offer. Additionally, fortunate winners will receive free tickets to cricket matches and a cricket gear signed by Ms Dhoni. To get the cashback, simply go to the Oreo Cricket offer page, fill out the form, input the Oreo Cricket unique code, and then enter your UPI ID.


Q.1 How can I earn from the Oreo Cricket offer 2024?

Ans: Oreo is offering special promo codes in some products. You need to enter those unique codes on the Oreo Cricket website and claim it to win upto 30 Rs cashback and lucky winners will get Ms. Dhoni’s signed cricket kit and match tickets.

Q.2 What is the Oreo cricket unique code?

Ans: Here are two Oreo Cricket unique codes P40104158846A32G / P40104151246A12G. You need to change some digits of these codes to make it unique.

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