LOOT: 2% Off on UPI Gift Card | Buy with Credit Card & Pay on Merchant QR

(User specific) Loot - 2% off UPI gift card launch | Buy using Credit Card & Pay to any Merchant UPI QR:

Bajaj Pay introduces an innovative solution for seamless payments - the UPI gift card. This feature, currently available for selected users, offers a convenient way to make purchases using UPI, debit/credit cards, and utilize them across various merchant UPI QRs.

Bajaj App link (update to latest beta version): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.altruist.BajajExperia

Bajaj app launch UPI gift card (currently live for selected users),

Note - 2% discount offer sometimes showing and sometimes discount is not showing, if discount is not showing then go back and retry and choose any other gift card Categories like good luck, happy birthday etc category and proceed.

You can buy using UPI, debit/credit card and use on any Merchant UPI QR.

How to Access the Bajaj Pay UPI Gift Card

To get started with the UPI gift card feature, users can simply navigate to Wallet >> Gift Cards within the Bajaj Pay app. From there, they can explore the available options and proceed with their purchase.

Now Scan any merchant UPI QR and pay (GooglePay Merchant UPI QR working).

Note - P2PM UPI QR is not supported. Some small merchants from Paytm & phonepe offer P2PM UPI QR.

Also Wallet loading via UPI is not working on Paytm, Slice (Money debited & reversed).

Bajaj full KYC users also send payment request to your Bajaj wallet UPI ID and pay through Bajaj UPI gift card.

Exploring Payment Options

Users can utilize the Bajaj Pay UPI gift card across various platforms for different payment purposes. Here are some examples:

  1. Billdesk: Users can make credit card bill payments using Billdesk. Simply search for the desired bank name followed by “Billdesk” on Google to access the payment portal.
  2. Axis Bill Desk.
  3. Freecharge: Another option is to use Freecharge for credit card bill payments. Users can log in to their Freecharge account and generate a UPI QR code for payment.
  4. SBI Unipay: SBI Unipay is another platform that generates UPI QR codes for credit card bill payments. Users must complete the payment within two minutes to avoid transaction failures.

Note - Bajaj wallet full kyc users also send UPI checkout request money to your Bajaj Wallet UPI ID and pay through your Bajaj UPI gift card (if any website support UPI payment request for credit card bill pay then try).

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