Kopiko Golden Drive Bonanza Offer: Win 200 Rs Cashback & Family Car

Kopiko Golden Drive Bonanza Offer: Win 200 Rs Assured Cashbacks And A Family Car

MAYORA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is the sponsor and organizer of the Kopiko Contest. All people who live in India excluding the state of Tamil Nadu are eligible to enter this contest. On the website, kopikocashback.com, you need to enter your valid unique code to earn a guaranteed cashback coupon and an opportunity to win a Mega Prize.

This offer is applicable on The 805 grams Kopiko Cappuccino Candy Jar. Inside the candy jar you will get a Kopiko unique code. The period of this offer is September 9, 2023 to March 28, 2024. Every customer will receive a guaranteed cashback of Rs 10 to 200 Rs. In this post, we will tell you how you can participate in the Kopiko contest to win cashbacks and mega prizes.

Prizes of Kopiko Golden Drive Bonanza Contest


Contest Kopiko Golden Drive Bonanza
Website https://www.kopikocashback.com/
Assured Cashbacks Rs 10, Rs 25, Rs 50, Rs 100 And Rs 200
Mega Prize A Car
Offer Validity 9 September 2023 - 28 March 2024

How To win Assured Cashbacks From The Kopiko Golden Drive offer

  1. First, You need to purchase a Kopiko Candy Jar of 805 Grams from your local store or buy it online.

  2. You will get a unique code inside the pack. Find the unique code from the pack.

  3. Then Click Here to redeem the unique code.

  1. Visit the page, enter the Kopiko unique code, name, email, mobile number, accept the terms and conditions and tap on the submit button.

  2. Then you will receive an OTP. Verify your mobile number with that OTP.

  3. Then A popup with guaranteed cash back reward will appear immediately. Lucky users will win the mega prize of a family car.


  1. Then choose the payout option UPI or NEFT.

  2. You will receive money in your bank account via NEFT or UPI. You can win Rs. 10, 25, 50, 100 or Rs 200.

  3. Users in Tamil Nadu will only receive Rs 10 cashback from each pack.

  4. Within 24 Hours the cashback will be credited in your bank account.

Final Words

To be eligible to win, you must buy a Kopiko Cappuccino Candy Jar, find the special code on the packaging, and use it to redeem on the website. So buy a Kopiko candy jar of 805 grams to participate in the contest and get a chance to win assured cashback of upto Rs 200 and a family car.