Jio AirFiber Vs Wired Broadband Fiber Network | Which Is Better? (with Reasons)

Hello Guys ,

As you know Jio introduced Jio AirFiber Services and promoting it aggressively .

But can it is good compared to Wired Boadband Fiber Network ?

Then let me give you Answer of that

1- If you have a good phone then use that as a hotspot, your plan should have 5G plus kind of subscription preferably postpaid for data rollover (unless your work only demands 1-3 GB per day). Wireless can never come close to wired connections and wireless coverage is good at specific places so it has to be time tested on how these telecom providers improve 5G reception everywhere.

2- Using it since almost 3 months. It’s good for what it offers and for areas where there is no other fiber connectivity or very expensive plans from local operators.

There hasn’t been any major downtime in these 3 months, but it does sometimes stop working for a few seconds. If you don’t use internet for your work(wfh) then it’s worth considering.

The lowest ping(speed tests) will be in the range of 12-15ms(again depending on your area) compared to 3-4ms on wired networks and this will be noticeable while playing videos where you might feel it takes a sec or more to start playing the video.

Do note that it all depends on your area and 5g coverage, so as long as you have good 5g coverage in your area you can expect the same from Airfiber too.

Per day you get around 33gb considering 1000gb fup limit. Cannot comment on the post sale service as I did not have to contact jio yet for any kind of issues.

So if u are in remote area and no other option then go Jio airfiber else stick with Boradband.

I paid for the six month connection. WIthin a month I realised it was bad but they won’t refund. I still had to take a new connection from Airtel as AIr Fiber is too unreliable. Letting go of my 6 months payment and 1000 rupee installation cost. I have posted my review on this group if you want to read about it.