Is it safe to stay in a 12% club?

Is it safe to stay in a 12% club? I’ve been taking out profits since last one year and everything is pretty smooth!

I’m no financial expert, Heres my 2 cents.

  1. Don’t look at what returns you are making, look at how the returns are made and how much is the third party making. That’s what gives you money flow info

  2. Think about who’s borrowing money at such high interest. If they are non credit worthy or low CIBIL scorers, then tier 1 and 2 banks would have flagged them as high risk. Question is do you want to take such high risk

Alternately, if you can take a risk of 2.5 lakh, why don’t you explore equity direct investment or etf investment (after studying and paper trade etc)… give yourself 6 months to learn and then explore. If you can make money (which I’m very sure of as the 12% club returns is meagre), then you’ve learnt a trade for life and can slowly move towards that.

Again, like most knowledgeable people have given advice, mine is a suggestion. End of the day you have to make the decision.

Also the founder of 12% club has spoken about it already. i assume we all here know less than him?…/bharatpe-posts-inr-927-cr-loss…/amp/

Originally, I received a 12% interest rate, but now, my interest rate has decreased to less than 12%.

I reached out to customer care, they told me that the interest rate is not fixed at 12%, rather it is up to 12%, and there is no assurance that I will receive 12% every day. this is so unfair! :hot_face:

Has anyone else faced a similar issue?