ICICI Companion Prepaid Card- How To Apply For This Card

Hey Guys ICICI Bank’s newly launched prepaid card which is going to be known as the " Companion Card .

This Prepaid Or PayDirect Card comes in two of its variant :

Companion Prepaid Card
Companion Plus Prepaid Card

Full Information Of Both PayDirect Prepaid Cards :

COMPANION CARD: The Companion Card comes With joining fees of INR 235 and has an annual charge of INR 294 For Every Year you continue to use Companion Card.

COMPANION PLUS CARD: The Companion Plus Prepaid Card comes with a joining fee of INR 589 and is chargeable INR 530 as an annual fee for the card every year. You will also get an Amazon Voucher worth INR 500 with this card.

To Know More About Hidden Charges Please Visit the Official ICICI Website Companion Card Section

How TO Apply For ICICI Companion Prepaid Card :

  • First of all , Open iMobile Pay Application by[ ICICI Bank]

  • Then click on the ” Card & Forex ” option from the Home layout

  • After that, You’ll get an option for Companion Card, Click on that and then click on ” Apply Now ” as per below snapshot

  • Now, Select the card of your choice that you wish to apply for, Between Companion Card or Companion Plus Card. Also, select the bank account from which the charges of the Companion Card will be debited.

  • After selecting card and confirming account number , It’ll ask you for the Name to be printed on the card as well as confirm your personal details .

  • Now, At the Pre-Confirmation page need to confirm the Card Type and Card Fee by entering the One Time Password that you’ll get via Text Message on your ICICI Account registered Mobile Number.

*** Done! You have successfully applied for ICICI Bank Companion Or Companion+ Prepaid Card. You’ll get a card added in the Companion Cards section within 2 working days.**