HDFC thrown PayZapp App into Dustbin (Cashback Points UPDATED)

So HDFC just switched up the deal on their SmartBuy 5% offer for Debit Card holders.

Now, if you’re using the PayZapp app for your purchases, you won’t be getting that sweet 5% cashback anymore.

Instead, they’re giving out 3% instant cashpoints. :rage:

But here’s the trick: if you use your HDFC Debit Card straight up on the SmartBuy website, you’ll still get 5% cashback.

So, choose wisely where you spend!

Here is the updated cashback / discount chart -

PayZapp app is totally useless now. They used to let us pay our credit card bills with our wallet balance, but now they’ve gone and stopped that too. It’s just ridiculous!

Important Note: No effect on credit cards as of now.