Free Myntra Insider Membership for 3 Months (Account Specific)

Myntra is offering free membership of Myntra Insider to few users. If you are lucky then you might have got this offer in your account.

With this Myntra Insider Trial Pack you’ve been invited to a 3-month free trial to Myntra Select Insider.

What is Myntra Insider?

Myntra Insider is Myntra’s loyalty program which is open to registered users on Myntra. A user has to opt in to join the program.

Benefits Of Becoming A Select Insider

  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • Get Early Access to sales & events
  • Earn SuperCoins with every purchase
  • Earn Brand Rewards & Streaming Coupons

How to Join Myntra Insider for FREE?

  1. Go to any of the 3 links shared below to check for the trial offer -
  1. You will be shown following offer -

How It Works

  1. Join Insider on a free trial
  2. Shop for 2000 within 3 months. Your total spend will be updated after the return window of each order is over.
  3. Get upgraded to Myntra Select for 12 months

Myntra Insider 3-month Free Trial Successfully Activated -

I got this insider offer in that Flipkart Account which has 8000+ supercoins. So, went to hunt Insider offer and got this. Previously I was Insider in 2022 with that account. So may be old unused account is the key to find this offer. :face_with_monocle: