Epicere: Upload Bill and Earn Money App (Free Gift Card, Subscription & more)

Epicere app offers a unique opportunity for users to earn exciting rewards simply by uploading their grocery bills. By leveraging this innovative platform, shoppers can convert their everyday purchases into valuable gift vouchers and other amazing rewards.

How to Earn Coins on Epicere App

  1. Download and Signup: Begin by downloading the Epicere app and signing up using your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Explore Tasks: Navigate to the app homepage and explore the various tasks available in the offers section, each offering an opportunity to earn coins.

  1. Upload Bills: After purchasing groceries, simply snap pictures of your bills and upload them to the app to earn coins. For every uploaded bill, users can earn up to 100 coins.
  2. Daily Check-ins: Additionally, users can claim bonus rewards by performing daily check-ins within the app.

Redeeming Coins for Gift Vouchers

  1. Access Rewards Section: Tap on the ‘rewards’ icon located at the bottom of the app dashboard to access a plethora of gift vouchers available for redemption.
  2. Choose Vouchers: Users can choose from a variety of gift vouchers, including popular brands like Myntra, Amazon, Swiggy, and more. Moreover, they can also redeem vouchers for OTT subscriptions such as Amazon Prime or Hotstar.

Refer and Earn Offer

  1. Refer Friends: Utilize the refer and earn offer by sharing your referral link with friends. Both you and your referrals can earn 20 coins after the first bill upload by the referred user.
  2. Redeem Rewards: Accumulate coins through referrals and bill uploads to redeem them for free gift vouchers from a diverse range of brands.


With its user-friendly interface and attractive reward system, Epicere app is literally revolutionizing the way we shop for groceries. By simply uploading bills and completing tasks, users can unlock a world of free gift vouchers and other enticing rewards.

Q&A Section

Q1: How can I start earning on the Epicere app?

A1: To begin earning on the Epicere app, download the app, sign up, and start uploading your grocery bills. You can also explore various tasks within the app to earn additional coins.

Q2: What types of rewards can I redeem on Epicere?

A2: Epicere offers a wide range of rewards, including gift vouchers from popular brands like Amazon, Myntra, and Swiggy, as well as OTT subscription vouchers for platforms like Amazon Prime and Hotstar.

Q3: How does the refer and earn program work on Epicere?

A3: With the refer and earn program, users can earn coins by referring friends to the app. Both the referrer and the referred user earn coins after the referred user uploads their first grocery bill.