Bingo Chips Promo: Get Assured 100% Cashback on Rs. 10 Pack

The Bingo Chips Promo offers an amazing deal: a guaranteed 100% cashback on the purchase of select Bingo Potato Chips Rs. 10 variants. This promotion is exclusively available on specified packs, marking a remarkable opportunity for buyers to enjoy their favorite snacks while full cashback.

Programme Duration and Eligibility

Running from 19th February 2024 to 29th May 2024, participants can engage with the program during this period. However, it’s important to note that each mobile number is eligible for this offer a maximum of three times, ensuring wider accessibility while preventing misuse.

Steps to Participate

  1. Purchase Bingo Potato Chips Promo Packs: Participants need to purchase Bingo Potato Chips Promo Packs during the program’s duration to participate.

  2. Locate Unique Code: Upon purchasing, individuals must locate the unique code provided inside the pack.

  3. Visit Program Website: By scanning the QR code printed on the pack, participants will be directed to the official Program website: Bingo Chips Promo Website.

  4. Enter Details: On the website, participants will need to enter their name and mobile number for OTP validation, along with the unique code for further verification.

  5. Select Cashback Option: After successful validation, participants can select their preferred cashback option, choosing between Amazon Pay Cashback Code or UPI cashback.

  6. Provide Correct UPI ID (if applicable): For those opting for UPI transfer of cashback, it’s crucial to provide the correct UPI ID on the Program Website. Any inaccuracies may result in forfeiture of the cashback, as no reattempts will be made.

Cashback Terms and Conditions

  • The cashback can be claimed once per week per person, mobile number, Amazon Pay/ UPI Account, and IP address, with a maximum of three claims throughout the program duration.
  • Cashback amounts, credited within 72 business hours (excluding public holidays), correspond to the purchase value of Bingo Potato Chips worth Rs. 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can I avail of the cashback offer?

You can avail of the cashback offer a maximum of three times throughout the duration of the program, ensuring fairness and broad participation.

2. What happens if I provide an incorrect UPI ID?

Providing an incorrect UPI ID may result in the forfeiture of the cashback. It’s essential to double-check and ensure accuracy during the submission process, as no reattempts will be made.

3. When will the cashback amount be credited?

Cashback amounts, corresponding to the purchase value of Bingo Potato Chips worth Rs. 10, will be credited within 72 business hours, excluding public holidays, ensuring timely reimbursement.

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