99Acres Loot: Write A Review And Earn 150 Rs Free Paytm Cash

99Acres Loot: Write A Review And Earn 150 Rs Free Paytm Cash

Hello friends, we have come again with another verified and genuine money earning loot from 99Acres website. In this offer, you need to write a detailed review about your society or residence area. The top app for finding properties in India is 99acres. It is your ultimate solution for all things related to real estate. Millions of people are using this app to buy, sell, and rent real estate.

99Acres app is giving a wonderful opportunity to earn 150 Rs free Paytm cash instantly. You need to visit the 99Acres survey page, write a genuine review, and highlight the positive & negative things about your locality.

It will take around only 5 minutes to submit the reviews. When your review is approved, you will earn a flat 150 Rs free paytm cash instantly to your paytm number. In this post, we will tell you how to earn money from the 99acres.Com.

Earn 150 Rs Paytm Cash From 99Acres

  1. First, Visit the official 99Acres review page from this link: Click Here.

  2. Now, select your area as Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad NCR or MMR cities.

  1. Then select whether you are owner, tenant, former resident or real estate agent and select how long you have stayed there.

  2. Then click on the proceed to write a review button.

  3. You need to give ratings about your local area. Give good ratings which look legit and genuine.

  1. Now you need to write genuine positive and negative paragraphs about that society. Write more than 150 words for each.

  1. Write paragraphs and select positive & negative options.

  2. You will get an add photos section, this is optional you can leave it.

  3. Then click on the post review button.

  4. Next enter your name, email ID and paytm mobile number.

  1. Then click on the post button. Done and submitted.

  2. Next you will get a success message.

  1. Your review is under review, and it will take upto 10 days to approve.

  2. When your review will be verified and approved you will get a flat 150 Rs in your Paytm wallet.

  1. You need to write legit and genuine reviews to be eligible for the 150 Rs free paytm cash.

Final Words

So it was all about the 99Acres review offer. 99Acres has over nine lakh property listings across over 600 cities around the nation. You can earn 150 Rs guaranteed free Paytm cash pretty easily from this website by writing a simple review. So don’t waste any time, visit the 99Acres offer page, follow the mentioned steps and submit your review. Within 2 to 3 weeks your review will be approved and you will receive 150 Rs in your Paytm wallet.


Q.1 How can I earn paytm cash from 99Acres?

Ans: you need to write a legit review about your local area to earn free Paytm cash. You need to write positive and negative sides of that area and submit your review. You will get 150 Rs when your review will be verified and approved.

Q.2 After submitting the review, when will I get the money?

Ans: After submitting a genuine review, it will take upto 10 days to verify and approve. After approval, you will instantly receive the amount to your paytm wallet.