Shelf: RuPay Credit Card to Bank Transfer App

RuPay Credit Card to bank transfer app | No kyc required (Try at your own risk):

Android App Link -

iOS App Link -

Open app, signup, login.

Note - When I signed up a few days ago, there was no wallet to bank option, but it has appeared since yesterday.

I tried bank transfer through the group option, so I’m sharing that method, although now you guys can also use the normal wallet to bank method.

Here you will see “your wallet” option and “your groups” option -

Create a new group and you need to choose your friend mobile number.

Enter your any other mobile number and create a group.

Now enter your group, click on Add money option and add through your RuPay credit card link UPI

Note - first time i suggest try Rs1 only.

Now click on pay option.

Note - UPI payments are under maintenance.

You need to choose “Bank Transfer” option -

Click on Add new bank account option and fill your bank details.

Now click on your saved bank -

Now enter amount and pay to your bank account, amount will instantly credit to your bank account.

Note - you can also try through “Your Wallet” option on app, no need to create group. I haven’t tried this method before, that’s why I don’t share it.

Important info - first time i tried Rs1, successfully transfer to bank.

2nd time, Rs100, successfully transfer to bank. However, my transaction is still showing pending but i already got the amount in my bank account.

3rd time, i tried Rs1000 just before this post and successfully transfer to bank.

I recommended everyone, first time try Rs1 and if possible try small amount payment.

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk.