Rent Payment through Credit Card with Lowest Charges in 2024

Guide to Paying Rent with Your Credit Card in 2024

In recent times, paying rent using credit cards has gained popularity, providing numerous benefits and rewards. With the rise of digital transactions post-COVID-19, various third-party apps make it convenient to pay rent with credit cards.

Latest Offers and Charges 2024 Update

  1. Kotak Bank Credit Cards: Revision in charges, with White Credit Card transactions facing a 2% fee 2024.

  2. Freecharge: Earn up to 3% reward points on rent payments.

  3. Paytm: Enjoy up to Rs. 500 cashback with code “RENTDHAMAKA.”

  4. CRED: Win up to 100% cashback, Acko home appliance protection, and more.

  5. No Broker: Get a chance for 100% cashback on processing fees and other exciting offers.

How to Pay Rent Via Credit Card

  1. Download a rent payment app and register.
  2. Enter landlord and property details.
  3. Add credit card details and complete the transaction.
  4. Set standing instructions for auto-payment.

Best Rent Payment Applications

  1. Cred: Offers rewards for timely payments.
  2. RedGiraffe: Low processing fees and multiple bank integrations.
  3. Housing .com: User-friendly with a minimum payment of Rs. 3000.
  4. Paytm: Popular platform for various bill payments.
  5. Freecharge: Simple and low-interest rates.

Rent Processing Fees of Different Apps

  • Cred: 1 to 1.5%
  • Redgiraffe: 0.39%
  • Housing .com: 1.5%
  • NoBroker .com: 1%
  • Paytm: 1 to 1.5%
  • Freecharge: 0.9%

What to Consider Before Making Rent Payments with Your Credit Card?

  1. Impact on Credit Score: Be cautious of increased credit utilization ratios.
  2. Processing Fees: Be aware of the fees charged by card issuers.
  3. Interest: High-interest rates on outstanding dues.
  4. Timely Payments: Ensure timely repayments to avoid negative consequences.

Pros and Cons of Paying Rent via Credit Card


  • Earn benefits, reward points, and exclusive offers.
  • Easy money transfer through 3rd party apps.
  • Timely payments without manual interventions.


  • High credit utilization affecting credit score.
  • Higher bill amounts and potential budget strain.
  • Possibility of missing payments and high-interest rates.

Paying rent via credit card offers advantages, but careful consideration of fees, interest, and credit score impact is crucial. Only proceed if confident about timely repayments.

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