How to Close IDFC Account Online?

I wanted to close my IDFC First Bank Account so I did some research on it.

Initially I thought I had to go to branch but after digging more and I found working solution on how to close idfc bank account online without visiting branch.

IDFC First Bank Account Close Online Process

  1. I contacted customer care at their official toll free number.
  2. Over call, I asked them to send account closure link.

SMS received on Registered Mobile Number-

Dear Customer, click: to proceed with closure of your A/C 0112. Link is valid for 6 hours. SR for closure is #10683xx3. Please note: Any ECS or Auto-Debit linked to this account will be discontinued. Team IDFC FIRST Bank

  1. Once I got the link, I clicked on it and a form opened.

  1. I filled and submit the form.


  1. My IDFC First bank account was closed in 3 days.

Important Note: Keep in mind they will try to convince you to not close the account. And may even say that it is not possible online. If so, say that one of your friend closed the account by this method. If they still deny wait for 1 hour and call again eventually someone will do it.

Terms and Conditions for IDFC First Bank OTP based account closure:

  1. I understand, agree and acknowledge that IDFC FIRST Bank shall act solely on the basis of my
    instructions without any responsibility and liability upon the Bank.
  2. I further declare that I have already destroyed all cheque leaves and related card pertaining to the
    above account.
  3. It is my responsibility that all the ECS/ Auto debit mandates linked to this account are amended.
  4. I agree to provide OTP sent on my registered Mobile Number and Email ID.
  5. In case online OTP based closure process is not completed/ submitted for any reason whatsoever, I
    permit IDFC FIRST Bank to contact me for offline account closure process.
  6. In case of failure of transfer of receipt of balances in the account post closure through online mode, I permit IDFC FIRST Bank to send me a Demand Draft on my registered mailing address.
  7. I agree that IDFC FIRST Bank can hold the process for account closure in case of any discrepancies
  8. I agree that receipt of balances in the account post closure will be transferred to my own other selfaccount.
  9. I agree and understand that the account closure link is valid for only up to 6 hours since my request.
  10. I agree that in case the account is not closed within 5 working days due to any reason whatsoever, I
    will not hold IDFC FIRST Bank liable.
  11. I am aware that this is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules
    there under as applicable to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical signatures.
  12. I am aware that by clicking on the tab/ button/ checkbox of “I Accept” or any other button/ checkbox of similar nature: (i) I confirm that I am eligible under applicable law to initiate the closure of the account, (ii) I hereby consent to authorise the Bank to initiate the closure of my account as per the terms and conditions hereinabove; and (iii) I further consent to receive communications, notices and information from the Bank and our business partners, service providers, authorized third parties etc.(whether through SMS, emails, phone calls, automated phone calls or by any other means).
  13. Electronic communications shall be deemed to have been received by me when the Bank sends the
    electronic communication to the email address / mobile number / details provided by me or any other third party. I hereby undertake that I will not hold Bank or Banks business partners/ service providers/ authorized third parties responsible for any such communications received from the Bank/ its business partners/ service providers/ authorized third parties, nor will any such communication amount to spam, unsolicited communication or a violation of Borrower(s) registration on the national do not call registry.
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