How can I pay my credit card bill through debit card?

Latest working methods to pay credit card bill from debit cards

Card Name Supported Services
RBL signature plus dc SBI Unipay
RBL Enterprise dc SBI Unipay
HDFC PLATINUM debit card HDFC Bill Pay, SBI Unipay
HDFC Millennia debit card Amazon wallets (1%), HDFC Bill Pay (2.5%)
Indus Visa Signature, Visa Platinum, Paytm, Cred (Dreamplug Paytech merchant) for Visa
Mastercard World variants, SBI Unipay, Cheq (not working for some MCC)
FI Money (Infinity or Salary variant) Cred (FI UPI)
IDFC Debit cards SBI Unipay
Axis Liberty dc SBI Unipay

Try with small amount first.