Google Pay Cricket Fest: Gather 200 superfans & Get ₹151 Cashback

Experience the thrill of Cricket Fest with Google Pay! Dive into the excitement of cricket like never before. This unique opportunity not only lets you indulge in your passion for the sport but also rewards you handsomely.

Participating in Cricket Fest is a breeze. Your mission? Gather superfans to rally behind your favorite cricket team.

Reach the milestone of 200 superfans and unlock the gateway to earning up to ₹151 in cashback rewards.

Join Now:

How it works

  1. It’s Cricket Fest! Gather superfans to cheer for your team.

  2. Get up to ₹151 cashback once you gather 200 superfans.

  3. Gather 200 superfans with friends by Mar 26, 2024 to get up to ₹151 cashback.

  4. You can ask as many friends as you want to help you gather superfans, but superfans will only be added to your total if they decide to help you. Friends you ask can only help you gather superfans once during the campaign period.

  5. You can only help 7 friends gather superfans everyday.

Reward Bonanza and Terms

  • Cashback rewards, ranging from ₹10 to ₹151, are determined by a real-time algorithm.
  • Reward cards expire within 45 days, while unclaimed cashback expires within the same period.
  • Maximum earning limit: ₹9,000 per financial year across all Google Pay offers.
  • Note: This campaign isn’t available in Tamil Nadu and certain other regions due to legal restrictions.