Best Fastag Alternatives after Paytm Fastag Closure

Top Fastag Alternatives Post Paytm Fastag Shutdown

1. Livquik Fastag

Livquik Fastag emerges as a leading choice post the Paytm Fastag shutdown. Its seamless integration with wallets offers users a hassle-free experience. While it may not replicate the exact wallet and fastag combo of Paytm, Livquik ensures smooth transactions for users.

Livquik Fastag

2. Airtel Fastag

Airtel stands as a reliable option for fastag services. Its user-friendly interface and wide availability make it a preferred choice. Though it lacks the wallet-fastag combo, Airtel Fastag compensates with its efficiency and accessibility.

3. ParkPlus Fastag

ParkPlus Fastag, in collaboration with banks like IDFC and IDBI, presents a viable alternative. The smooth recharge process and occasional in-app offers make it attractive for users seeking added benefits.

4. Amazon ICICI Fastag

Amazon ICICI Fastag appeals to users with its 1% cashback offer on all fastag spends. Although user experiences are still emerging, the promise of cashback incentives and the convenience of managing fastag transactions through Amazon Pay make it an intriguing option.

Paytm Fastag Closure Process

To close a Paytm Fastag account, users can initiate a closure request through the app’s help section.

The refund process typically takes around 5-7 working days. Users should ensure they have adequate balance in their Paytm wallet before initiating the closure process.

Q&A Section

Q1: Is it possible to apply for a new fastag before closing the existing one?

A: While users can apply for a new fastag before closing the existing one, activation of the new fastag should only occur after the closure of the previous one to avoid any issues during travel.